There is always a reason to start now, if you’re willing to look.


“Little deeds of kindness, little words of love…” 


Orphaned & At-Risk Children

A lot of our work is focused on children growing up without parents and are in desperate need of hope, attention and mentorship to give them a chance at a better future.

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Women & Girls

There is a lot of work yet to be done to further the rights and value ascribed to women and girls, and we recognize that the African girl-child is in especial need of this intervention.

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Education is one of the greatest advantages we can give our little ones to make sure they stand a chance in today’s world. Sadly, it’s not that straightforward for everyone.

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The Elderly

After leading long and often tremendously eventful and impactful lives, the elderly deserve to be cared for with all the love and attention we can give.

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The Reason
We Start Now.

The reason for Starting Now is simple: If we continued to wait for perfect conditions, perfect weather, perfect economies, perfect timing and perfect resources, we would never get anything done. Therefore, we will start now, regardless of what challenges we might face as a consequence of doing so.